High level of cholesterol increases
the risk of heart diseases.
Cholesterol is a type of fat (lipid)
present in your blood and your body
makes all it needs. If you have too
much cholesterol then its start to
build up in the arteries. This
condition is called atherosclerosis or
hardening of the arteries. There are
types of cholesterol 1. LDL, which is a
bad cholesterol that increases the
risk of heart diseases, heart attacks,
stroke and 2. HDL, which is a good
cholesterol that is linked to a lower
risk of heart disease and stroke.
There are many foods that helps to
lower the cholesterol. Here in this
article we are listing top foods that
lower your cholesterol. Include
these foods regularly in your diet
Soy is rich in fiber, protein and low in
saturated fat. Soy and its products
like soy nuts, tofu, soy milk helps to
lower your cholesterol in the blood.
Consuming 25 grams of soy protein
per day helps lower you LDL by 5%.
Avocados are rich in good fats and
fiber that helps to boost good
cholesterol and lower the bad
cholesterol. Include avocados
regularly in your diet chart.
Broccoli has cholesterol lowering
properties. Eating steamed broccoli
is more beneficial than eating raw
broccoli. The fiber in the broccoli
combines with bile acids in the
digestive tract helps lower the
cholesterol. Include broccoli in your
diet plan.
The lycopene, a compund present in
the tomatoes helps lower your LDL
cholesterol. Drink tomato juice
regularly and add tomatoes in your
Lemons offers many health benefits.
Lemons are cholesterol free, fat free,
sodium free and rich in vitamin C.
The flavonoids present in the
lemons helps reduce the oxidation
of LDL cholesterol and limonoids
present in the lemons helps reduce
the production apo B, a substance
associated with higher cholesterol
levels. Drink lemon juice regularly or
use in salad dressings.
Drinking green tea regularly lowers
LDL cholesterol. The catechin
polyphenols present in the green
tea promotes good heart health.
Ginger is very effective in reducing
the cholesterol levels, blood sugar
levels and boosts HDL cholesterol. It
improves overall blood circulation
and reduce the risk of heart diseases.
Having cup of ginger tea daily is the
best way to lower your cholesterol
The allicin present in the garlic
reduces total cholesterol, LDL
cholesterol and triglycerides.
Consuming 900 mg of raw garlic a
day can lower your cholesterol by
12%. Consume one or two raw garlic
cloves a day.
Eating fruits like apples, oranges,
pomegranate, pear, berries helps
lower your cholesterol because of its
high fiber content.,
Beta glucan, a soluble fiber present
in oats and barley helps bind
cholesterol in the intestine and
prevent it from being absorbed.
Nuts are rich in heart healthy
unsaturated fats, protein, fibre,
magnesium, potassium, vitamin E.
Consuming 30 grams of nuts per day
can lower your cholesterol levels by
Celery helps to reduce the oxidation
of LDL Cholesterol because of its high
antioxidant content. Consume celery
regularly by adding it to soups and
Cinnamon helps to lower LDL
cholesterol, blood sugar levels and
triglycerides. Consume half teaspoon
of cinnamon powder daily by adding
it to your foods or tea.
Fatty fishes like salmon, sardines,
tuna and mackerel which are rich in
omega-3 fatty acids and protein
helps reduce triglyceride levels by
30%. Consume 200 grams of fatty fish
every week.
Brown rice are rich in fibre, vitamins
B, magnesium, selenium and
phytonutrients which helps lower
your cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

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