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For ago, kingdoms, Empires rose and fall together with their mighty men of old. Believing that the infinitude creation came out of nothing but blood (Adam knew his wife).

For 200 centuries, we have lived in fear of the unknown. The fear for the truth before us that our end is near.

War came, spiked from our innermost selfish desire to be the feared among all, bearing the burden of non-chalant attitude towards another and blaming our darkness.

And there was a moment of peace at first before war came and by it, we all will fall; one by family, one by foe and one by friend.

And when the end is come, men will be lovers of themselves, sitting and sinking in lascivious intended impunity towards the very first truth; that all things will perish by our hands.

And when all things perishes, there comes transcendency. And those who didn’t believe will be forced to do so, for truth comes from the LIGHT(“let there be light”, and Light appeared). For this light shines through the marrows, burning and refining us for something far more important than this earth.

We remember Him the LIGHT who came as a man to redeem man from his darkness with promises of everlasting glory.

He is the celebrant today, His name is JESUS


    Scott ThankGod✍️(UNIZIK)

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