The President Delu-Mozie Chiagoziem led Administration held its first academic summit for The 2020/21 academic session. The summit was organized by the members of the Nimelssa Academic board with the theme ‘Leaving no learner behind’ and the target classes where the class of ‘023 and ‘022. The summit was a very huge success.

Members of the Academic board pose for a group photo with the invited guest speakers

The event Kick-started with an expository course on capacity building which was taught by PT. Otikpa Chijioke.
Pt. Otikpa who is one of the latest physiotherapist, exposed participants to massive capacity building tips Which would help Nimelssites and students at large excel in the rugged Nigerian hustling pool.

PT. Otikpa Chijioke delivering his lecture.

The next speaker Sct. Kelly Tessy exposed students to the beauty of the Heamatology specialty With added tips on time management.

Sct. Kelly Tessy during her lecture

Sct. Akpa Kingsley(Law) was one of the invited guest speakers. He spoke exclusively on the beauty of the chemical Pathology specialty and it’s never ending importance to the medical field.

He also spoke on the topic ‘the political life of a nimelssite’ where he encouraged students to actively combine school politics with day to day Acdemic work.

Sct. Akpa Kingsley(Law)

President emeritus of Nimelssa-Unizik, Sct. Anowai Goodman was also on hand to address participants. He exposed students to the beauty of the Histopathology specialty and encouraged Med lab scientists in training not to let specialty limitations stop them from being a complete scientist.

Sct. Anowai Goodman delivering his lecture

Scientist in training Divine, also talked about the micro biology specIalty and the challenges students face in the specialty.

Divine during his lecture
Divine during his lecture

Comrade Delu-Mozie Chiagoziem, thanked all students and speakers who out of their busy schedule, made out time to make the summit a success.

Attendees of the Nimelssa academic summit 2020/21 pose for a group photo With guest speakers

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