On the 19th of July…Sunday
by 18:00pm hrs
As part of the ORIENTATION WEEK for the 200l sophomores….
Nimelssa Unizik Hosted an Orientation night/Welcome Special for the 200l constituency.. as a way of integrating them to yet another aspect of Nimelssa….

With special guests like WATCHMAN TOSIN….ad the presence of INTERGRITY who set alight the atmosphere with sweet melodious praises…

The Nimelssa President on his remark welcomed all the 200l sophomores and enchanted them to enjoy their night and never go back the same Positively
As well as the Nafecmlss president also stressed on the need not to neglect the spiritual aspect of one s life…

Nimelssa unizik will always remain committed to the zealous balance between all aspects of an undergraduate life for its members
As pertains the academic…social…sports….moral and the spiritual aspect
One that wont be forgotten in a hurry by the Sophomores

With the QUIZ aspect as forms for that are already in sale…with mouth watering prospects and gifts for winners

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